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What if, in the next few minutes you could find out little known (and almost never talked about) strategies used by the most profitable and successful businesses on how to take full advantage of your website and online marketing to generate more leads, clients, customers and sales, would you be interested? That is exactly what you will find in this section.

What is the Key Challenge Today?

One of the biggest challenges most businesses facing today more than never before is how to get more clients, leads and sales. It has become even more difficult with the current financial climate and growing competition.

Simply to SURVIVE you have to do TWO things:

  • Reach out to more prospects than ever before
  • Convince them even more why they should do business with you

The question is how?

Bill Lee declares in Harvard Business Review that Traditional Marketing is Dead

"Traditional marketing — including advertising, public relations, branding and corporate communications — is dead. Many people in traditional marketing roles and organizations may not realize they're operating within a dead paradigm. But they are. The evidence is clear."
- Bill Lee, Harvard Business Review

What does this mean to you?

While most traditional marketing strategies are not as effective as they used to be, if you are not utilising online marketing effectively you may not be able to keep the market share you currently hold. Our WMTI System will allow you to tap into online marketing like never before using advanced tools and strategies that may not be available anywhere else.

"Research Shows That 97% of People Conduct RESEARCH ONLINE Before
Buying Locally."

Independent Research data as noted by Google ™

A Quick History of Online Marketing:

Initially there were websites with pictures on them as online brochures. People used to find websites mainly from printed adverts. Then the number of websites multiplied exponentially. It became impossible to find the relevant information until search engines came in to rescue. So having a website and getting found online was big deal and it worked like magic.

Now there are more than trillions of web pages on the Internet.We are looking at an entirely different challenge that did not exist even few years ago.

The New Age in Online Marketing

Today same types of information, products and services are available from numerous businesses; competition is fierce.

The language of marketing has changed forever. With the web2.0, social media sites it is now important to engage your prospects with good and quality information. If you don't you DO NOT have their attention.

If you were not a savvy marketer you could have got away with it in the past, but now your web strategy needs attention in terms of how to market it, how to create the right message so you are not lost in the crowd.

In recent times numerous tools came out to allow businesses measure website performance like never before. These tools were only available to the big players initially because the cost was prohibitive, but now anyone can use them.

The age of marketing by data started.

What is the Problem with Online Marketing Industry Today?

Most online marketing agencies still provide tools such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) etc.

Many agencies are still talking about ‘putting your website on the Page 1 of Google’, which obviously is of NO VALUE if it is not generating any revenue. Also even if it generates revenue you will never know the best performance that your web marketing could deliver unless the strategies are in place. Hence the only way would be to use better marketing strategies and test and measure to identify what can be optimised even further to generate the best possible return.

Think about this, if you wanted your dream house built, you will need TOOLS (or people who can operate the tools to build things), and you will also need an architectural plan or the STRATEGY. You can't do with one, both needs to be there. Same with online marketing. Tools like SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, social media etc doesn't work without a strategy specifically designed for what your commercial goals are.

Why WMTI System is Different?

It has everything that a business needs today to market online effectively.

It has been developed after years of background research. We have looked at some of the most profitable businesses and how they market online. We have looked across a variety of different industries.

What we found out was a blue print, the things that they do similar to each other. After long research, testing we developed a 4 step system (WMTI) that simplifies and reverse engineers these strategies for any business and delivers great results.

WMTI has learned from what is already working and developed a system that can now be utilised for other businesses.

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What is WMTI System all about?

As you can see below it has 4 steps to ensure that your website and online marketing receives the highest boost possible.

Website Strategy: Empowers your website

Web-Marketing Tool: Attracts prospects already looking for what you offer

Testing: Test what works and measure performance

Implement: Implement better strategies to generate more leads and sales

Here's How WMTI System Works:

Here's how WMTI Finds the Hidden Profits Trapped Inside Your Website

Website Strategy

Turn your website into a well prepared sales person who has all the right messages, information and strategies to convert suspects into paying customers

  • Implement proven web strategy checklist used by successful businesses online
  • Strategies to make your website work like a magnet
  • Captures attention of your prospects immediately, and engage them with your information and marketing message
  • Build instant credibility and trust
  • It forms the basis for any marketing you do from your website, blog, videos etc.

Web Marketing Tool

Attract prospects that are already looking for what you offer. They need your help already, only things is we need to place your business in front of them so they can make a decision in your favour

  • Identify what your prospects are already looking for
  • Place your website and marketing message in front of them consistently
  • Target prospects where they are so you get found repeatedly while they are making their decisions


Without testing we do not know whether something is working or not. With testing data such as site visitors, how long they stayed, which pages they visited, where they did click etc we are well equipped to generate even better results consistently

  • Measure and test results on your website to identify areas of improvement
  • Report on performance every month
  • Identify better strategies, schedule testing of promotions, offers, website marketing strategies


Implement changes as per test data to improve results even further

  • Implement changes as decided above to get better results consistently
  • Improve ROI significantly by implementing most profit generating strategies

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